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Innova Tire / Innova Rubber Co., Ltd. 伊諾華國際股份有限公司

Bicycle Tires, Motorcycle Tires & Inner Tubes

Today is 22,Aug,2017
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Innova Rubber Co., Ltd. ( 2018 INNOVA-PRO BICYCLE TIRES)
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Innova Rubber Co., Ltd. ( 2018 INNOVA-PRO BICYCLE TIRES)


Innova Rubber Co., Ltd. was founded with the main office in Taiwan since 1995. Focusing on innovation, customer satisfaction, and un-compromised quality, we invited rubber technicians, engineers, and managers from major tire companies in Taiwan to achieve company's goal.

Innova established its production facilities in China. Our Guangzhou facility was established in 1995, Shanghai factory in 1998, Zhejiang Pinghu factory in 2001 and Anhui Bengbu factory in 2008.

Each factory has been awarded the ISO-9001 quality assurance certificate to ensure only the very best tires are delivered to the end consumer and win the trust from our customers. In a never ending quest to improve quality, Innova has developed numerous patents for new tread patterns, new tire structures, as well as new products. In the short span of 18 years, Innova has been offering various tires in different fields with its inventions. Innova offers a full range of tires ranging from bicycles, baby strollers, scooters, motorcycles, wheelchairs, industrial and agricultural utilities, lawn & garden equipment, golf carts, trailers, fork lifts, and light trucks.

We are confident Innova's reputation for quality products and excellent customer service will extend itself into whichever market we enter. We believe our vision of quality and customer service will ultimately make Innova along with our customers become trusted household names synonymous with quality and value.