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Innova Tire / Innova Rubber Co., Ltd. 伊諾華國際股份有限公司

Bicycle Tires, Motorcycle Tires & Inner Tubes

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Innova Rubber Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, headquarters in Changhua, Taiwan; factories at China, mainly producing bicycle tires; wheelchair tires; baby stroller tires and all kinds of leisure race tires such as ATV tires; golf cart tires; motocross tires and so on. The company aims to focus on the creation of innovation, the pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction. 
Innova has an excellent R&D team and strong production bases in Taiwan and China.The factory was awarded ISO-9001 certification to ensure the production of the best tires/tubes and to deliver the best quality to the final consumers for the trust of customers.
Innova, pursuit of innovation is a never-ending effort, has developed a number of global patents including the new patterns, new tire structures, as well as new products.
We believe our constantly improvement in product quality and customer service will eventually 
make Innova brand become a household name synonymous with quality and value. [more]
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