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Innova Tire / Innova Rubber Co., Ltd. 伊諾華國際股份有限公司

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Today is 03,Apr,2020
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MTB Tires (IB-3011N)
MTB Tires (IB-3011N)MTB Tires (IB-3011N)MTB Tires (IB-3011N)
MTB Tires (IB-3011N) Enlarge image
Products: Hits: 802MTB Tires (IB-3011N) 
Standard: 27.5x2.25
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order: N/A
Total Quantity: N/A
Delivery: 30 days after payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated: 2020-02-17 14:17
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Specification                         Inch            MM        Casing       Compound          Weight            Psi          Bar       
TUBELESS READY         27.5x2.25    58-584        60TPI      PRO MD               595g           30-65      2.1-4.5
TUBELESS READY         29x2.25       58-622        60TPI      PRO MD               635g           30-65      2.1-4.5

New large size TCS tire must be added sealant for anti-punctur function
Pattern Design with separater knobs is good for mud performance
Tire is foldable and easy to carry.
Suitable for use on road  or hard soil territory.