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Today is 03,Apr,2020
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GRAVEL Tires (IB-3010)
GRAVEL Tires (IB-3010)GRAVEL Tires (IB-3010)GRAVEL Tires (IB-3010)
GRAVEL Tires (IB-3010) Enlarge image
Products: Hits: 777GRAVEL Tires (IB-3010) 
Standard: 700x40C
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order: N/A
Total Quantity: N/A
Delivery: 30 days after payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated: 2020-02-17 14:17
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Specification                Inch            MM        Casing       Compound          Weight            Psi          Bar       
RACE                    700x40C       40-622        60TPI       PRO MD               495g           50-75      3.5-5.0

MTB Tire but also works well for road condiction due to the high density knobs parrent design.Shoulder design with more convex knobs enhanced the grip for better turning performance and safety.
Tire is foldable and easy to carry.
Suitable for use on road or hard soil territory